Kevin Clyne

Urban Planner + Technologist


MTA Construction & Development
Senior Manager, Capital Strategy
11-2022 → Present


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Wordles With Friends

Like most people, my family has gotten really into Wordle. We have a group chat where we share scores everyday and complain about particularly hard words. We had a good sense of who was doing better than others, but I wanted to make it a bit more competitive...

Wordles With Friends is a text-bot that automatically tracks all Wordle scores in any group text-chain based on the standard Wordle "Share" format. Once all members of the group chat have shared their scores for the day, the bot tabulates rolling scores and shares the current leaderboard.The bot awards points based on the number of guesses.

March 2022

Include +1-507-WORDLES (+1-507-967-3537) in any group-text to start an automatic score tracker. (Or use it to track your own scores across devices)