Kevin Clyne

Urban Planner + Technologist


MTA Construction & Development
Senior Manager, Capital Strategy
11-2022 → Present


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Isochrone Mapping Tool

Travelsheds, also know as “isochrones”, map the set of destinations that can be reached from a specified location within a given time-budget. The resulting geometries give quick visual cues about location accessibility and can be further used in geospatial analysis to answer questions like:

  • How many people live within 10 minutes of a park?

  • What is the number of businesses/jobs accessible from a new development?
For HR&A Advisors, I developed a web-based isochrone mapping application that leverages OpenTripPlanner to create a graph of city transportation infrastructure, merging local street networks and public transportation schedules.

I’ve layered on a simple point-and-click front-end that allows users to determine the average accessibility of any given point by various modes of transportation and time-distance and export the resulting shapefile for use in further geospatial analysis. 

February 2019

Time-distance travelsheds by public transit from Tribeca.