Kevin Clyne

Urban Planner + Technologist


MTA Construction & Development
Senior Manager, Capital Strategy
11-2022 → Present


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HR&A Public Reports 2019-2022

From 2019-2022, I worked at HR&A Advisors - a consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic and policy advice on real estate, economic development, and urban planning issues to public and private-sector clients. I worked alongside a talented team of experts to help a range of clients make informed decisions about how to grow and develop urban areas sustainably and effectively.

Over the course of my tenure at HR&A, I specialized in developing advanced methodologies to analyze market trends, economic conditions, and community needs to provide clients with recommendations on how to create vibrant, livable, and economically thriving communities. I worked across a broad cross-section of projects Including developing funding and governance plans for new parks, leading economic impact analyses, designing affordable housing strategies, or developing policies to help attract businesses and jobs.

Here’s a select sample of publicly available work that I contributed to during my time at HR&A: